TermsCafé by Translators Café

I am sure many of you have heard about TranslatorsCafé and possibly TermCafé. I personally have not used this platform, but it came up while reading an article on a translation magazine of recent publication, so I guess it might be helpful to some people. Have you used it? Let me know what you think. In the meantime, I am copying below a short description. It seems that members are allowed to create their own glossaries online.

“TermsCafé is a powerful and user-friendly terminology data management tool by TranslatorsCafe.com that is designed for use by translators for managing multilingual terminological data. Now, you will have 77,420 entries in 158 dictionaries in 61 languages created by 365 authors at your fingertips. The tool is intended for online creation, distribution and management of your terminology data. All data is stored on the TermsCafe.com server. You can export data for storage on your local computer or import it from several formats into your dictionaries created on TermsCafe.com.”

Being this a terminology blog, I thought I would add it as part of my cloud tag Toolbox 

Happy searching