The translators at ProMosaik are equipped with subject knowledge, specific knowledge within the different branches of chemistry, medicine and technology, as well as regional language skills, and they also have an excellent command of the necessary subject-specific terminology.

As native speakers, they are highly qualified for employment as specialist translators for chemistry, technology and medicine. They naturally compensate for differences in modes of thinking between the 2 language cultures.

The specialist translators employed by ProMosaik are native speakers, multilingual, and come from the specialist field of chemistry.

Professionally competent translations for the chemical industry demand specialised knowledge in the areas of technology, science or marketing.

ProMosaik employs native speakers world-wide as specialist translators – for all languages and dialects. All employed translators have a relevant education from specialist academies or technical schools, or have completed advanced foreign language studies. They command specialist knowledge of chemistry and technology. They guarantee linguistically perfect specialist translations for every language area and continent.

Major Fields in Chemistry

This is not an exhaustive list, as there are many other niche fields in chemistry.

Analytical, Biomolecular, Cereal, Environmental, Electrochemistry, Industrial, Inorganic, Materials, Organic, Physical and Polymer.