The complexity of scientific and technical translation lies in its very essence; it lies in the necessity to translate highly specific terminology. Apart from understanding the terminology itself, the translator must understand the context where it is used for sometimes it is exactly the context that the use of a particular term depends on.

Additionally, in terms of translating scientific and technical literature, it is necessary to mention the strictly developed phraseology adopted in this field. This phraseology is used in order to ensure that professionals immediately notice the necessary details (information or a guide to an action). Any deviations from the language adopted among specialists in the field are immediately noticed, resulting in a sense of unprofessionalism on the translator’s part. “Well-established documentation language” refers to the use of the same words and expressions, not only in terminology but also in the spheres of general technical and everyday language, a certain type of semi-professional jargon. Replacing these expressions with synonyms is unacceptable.

Additionally, the specific character of translating scientific texts is that a misperception of the meaning of the text by the translator and/or incorrect use of terminology can lead to a complete distortion of the meaning in the translated material. Such shortcomings can be found in texts translated by a translator who has not completely understood what the text was about or was not familiar with the terminology used in it.

At ProMosaik translation company, the translation of scientific texts is carried out by professionals with experience in writing scientific publications and who are familiar with the peculiarities of the construction of scientific texts. For this reason, we can guarantee our customers a high-quality performance of translation which will be easy to understand for the reader, while maintaining the precise meaning and style of the original text.

ProMosaik offers translation of texts of any complexity, including:

  • scientific articles, reviews;
  • scientific papers: doctoral, master’s thesis, qualification papers, reports;
  • Scientific research results, research papers;
  • reviews and references of scientific papers, summaries.

ProMosaik translation company possesses:

  • the necessary skills and knowledge in scientific and technical translation;
  • a large number of translators who specialise in various fields of science and technology;
  • extensive experience in translating scientific and technical literature;
  • a quality control system which enables the completion of all works on time and of high quality.

When placing an order of a highly specific text for translation, please bear in mind that the deadlines will be longer in most cases. This is due to translators who are capable of executing a full translation, considering all the peculiarities of terminology and the style of the text.