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ProMosaik Latin America is the page of ProMosaik GROUP dedicated to all countries in Latin America.

The translation departments of ProMosaik GROUP, ProMosaik Translation, The Quality Translator and MBC, translate for you into Spanish and Portuguese and from Spanish and Portuguese into all main international languages. Our main areas of expertise are technology, law, marketing, culture, patents, literature, social sciences, and medicine

ProMosaik Interlanguage offers online language courses to promote the intercultural dialogue between Latin America and its cultures and traditions and the rest of the world.

Spanish is the main language spoken all over Latin America, apart from Brazil whose official language is Brazilian Portuguese.

There are numerous regional particularities and idiomatic expressions within Latin America Spanish. In Latin American Spanish, loanwords directly from English are relatively more frequent, and often foreign spellings are left intact. One notable trend is the higher abundance of loan words taken from English in Latin America as well as words derived from English. Some differences are due to Iberian Spanish having a stronger French influence than Latin America, where, for geopolitical reasons, the United States influence has been predominant throughout the twentieth century.

ProMosaik Children promotes the translation of Spanish/Portuguese fairy tales and fables from Latin America into European languages to promote the intercultural dialogue.

ProMosaik LAPH offers the free publication of books on Latin America and works and research papers written by Latin American-speaking authors and researchers. ProMosaik Poetry overcomes linguistic barriers by translating Spanish/Portuguese poetry.

ProMosaik also offers 8-week internships in the field of translation for human rights.

When it comes to Latin America, ProMosaik focuses on two main matters: the promotion of cultural exchange and dialogue and the publication of Portuguese/Spanish literature and poetry from Latin America.

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