Legal translation is the translation of legal documents, terminology and concepts related to the field of law. It is a highly skilled field of translation that requires specialist translators. Legal translators must have knowledge of legal terms in two languages and understand their meaning sufficiently to ensure that the legal translations they undertake are 100% accurate.

Legal translators must precisely convey the information present in the source document, leaving no space for ambiguity. This requires professional translation providers who are specialized and experienced in the field of legal translation.

ProMosaik provides legal translation using highly qualified and experienced professional translators covering a wide range of language pairs. Our large team of legal translators allows us to provide document translation services between almost any language pair and to clients anywhere in the world.

We understand the importance of confidentiality in legal translation and process all such documents under the highest level of security. Our unique business flow allows us to select the most suitable translator, or team of translators, for every legal translation project.

ProMosaik is available to handle all of your legal translation requirements.

Contract translation is a highly specialised skill and requires an experienced linguist to ensure that it is correct. Each member of our legal translation team must be able to translate contracts correctly as there can be no margin for error.

We match individual translators to each specific requirement, which means it doesn’t matter whether you have an employment contract, a purchase or rental agreement, non-disclosure agreement or lease, we have an expert, mother tongue translator available to handle your work with the level of quality you need for such an important, legally binding document. All of our translators have a minimum of 5 years’ legal translation experience before they work with ProMosaik, as well as undergoing our rigorous testing procedures.  All of our translators sign strict non-disclosure agreements to ensure the content of your documentation remains confidential at all times.