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ProMosaik Italia is the page of ProMosaik GROUP dedicated to Italy.

The translation departments of ProMosaik GROUP, ProMosaik Translation, The Quality Translator, MBC, MENUUNO and ProMosaik Workshop MT translate for you from Italian into all the main languages of the world and vice versa. Our main areas of expertise are technology, law, marketing, cultural sciences, patents, literature, social sciences and medicine.

ProMosaik Interlanguage offers online language courses to promote intercultural dialogue between Italy and the rest of the world.

The main official language spoken in Italy is Italian. Furthermore, in Italy, French, German and Slovenian are spoken in the autonomous regions. Italian is a Romance language, that is, a language derived from Latin, belonging to the Indo-European family of languages. It is spoken as a mother tongue by about 60 million Italians and by about 4 million Italians residing abroad. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in other countries for around 3 million people. Italian is spoken as a second language in Malta, Albania, the principality of Monaco, Corsica, and in the neighbouring territories of France, Slovenia, Croatia, and
Austria.It is spoken as a second language by about 80 million descendants of Italian origin who emigrated from Italy to foreign countries during the last century, by about 5 million immigrants residing in Italy, and by a considerable number of foreign students who have studied and are studying Italian for cultural, educational, professional reasons, or simply because they love it.

ProMosaik Children promotes the translation of Italian fairy tales and fables into other languages to oppose discrimination and racism, by committing itself to a more peaceful and just world.

ProMosaik LAPH offers the free publication of works and research papers by Italian authors and researchers.

ProMosaik Poetry overcomes language barriers by translating poetic works from and into Italian.

For Italian university students, ProMosaik also offers an 8-week internship in the field of translation for human rights and alternative journalism.

On the one hand, ProMosaik Italia is committed to promoting the intercultural exchange between Italy and the rest of the world and, on the other, to the translation of all types of Italian texts into other languages.

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