Patents contain highly sensitive information about newly developed technologies or other inventions or ideas. Therefore, patents translations need to be both technically accurate but also follow the exact scheme required for the presentation of a patent.

Translators have to stick with extreme care to the source and avoid any kind of creative additions.

ProMosaik has translated millions of words of international and foreign patents in countless scientific, industrial, and technological fields, including but not limited to chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and electric engineering. Our translators have MA’s or PhD’s in their respective fields, and our editors will check the final products for linguistic quality. Customers who have had bad translations from other prominent translation companies bring them to us for proofreading, and we usually end up re-translating the whole thing. Most of our patent translation customers started their relationship with our company about 5-6 years ago, and they always come back to us for patent translations because they know they cannot get the same quality of service anywhere else.

Once again we’d like to stress that at ProMosaik, our patent translators have MA’s and PhD’s in their specialized fields, and we translate in different languages. This way, we are able to ensure that our translated patents comply with any conventions concerning the required formats for filing those patents in the target market.