Companies who want to sell products and services in foreign markets don’t just need a multilingual website. Rather, it must be possible to quickly find the product in all languages using search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, Baidu or other regional providers. In order to also make your content visible in the language of the target market, ProMosaik Translation provides search engine optimised translations.

A team made up of specialist translators and online marketing experts develop multilingual solutions and concepts for new websites or individual online campaigns. At the same time, the team draws on ProMosaik’s extensive background knowledge about the respective target markets and the internet search tendencies of the target audience, which can be culturally determined. Only in this way will the website achieve a better position in the results list of search engines and therefore also a higher number of visitors.

“In order for Google or another search engine to classify a website as relevant for the search term, the context must above all be correct, meaning the integration of keywords into the general context”.


We will manage your international web presence

  • Consultation: establishing a multilingual, search engine optimised website
  • Adapting existing online texts in all languages and making them suitable for search engines
  • Extracting online texts from the source format (e.g. HTML, XML, Flash presentation,
    databases, ASP, PHP).
  • Unique content: creating individual and reader-friendly translations.
  • Keyword translations: determining and translating suitable search terms (keywords) for the target country
  • International AdWords campaigns: translating advertising texts according to the search engine guidelines and localising them for the target market
  • Optimising advertising texts and checking all keywords in terms of search engine rankings
  • Multilingual product descriptions for e-commerce and online catalogues
  • Advertising texts and foreign-language typesetting for online advertising banners

The correct use of keywords

ProMosaik translators specifically use the appropriately defined keywords in relevant text passages, such as in the heading. At the same time, the SEO specialists at ProMosaik consider that the text should be designed and translated as simply and diversely as possible, favouring readability and understandable content. In coordination with the SEO experts, our translators avoid awkward and unnatural wording, even when the keywords could be placed in the text more frequently. Moreover, they use synonyms, variations and paraphrasing for the chosen keyword and make sure they also apply a widely used term next to any technical terminology. The keyword density applies as a benchmark – it describes the frequency of the keyword in relation to the total number of words found in the text. The recommended density ranges from two percent to a maximum of four percent. If an online text clearly exceeds this value, it may lead to search engines classifying the content as “spam”.

Diverse texts for unique content

As search engines classify exactly identical texts as “duplicate content”, the SEO professionals at ProMosaik advise the operators of a website to publish the unique text in every possible language (“unique content”). If texts are too similar or even identical for the most part, search engines may identify the content concerned as a copy, resulting in a lower search engine ranking. A SEO optimised multilingual website from ProMosaik therefore provides visitors with the most suitable, authentic and unique results possible – placing you at the top of the search engine rankings.