Subtitling your video allows you to easily reach your foreign audience.

ProMosaik Translation has experienced personnel capable of offering all the services necessary for the audiovisual sector including subtitle translation, film and video subtitling, for the hearing and for the deaf, general video editing, and post-synchronisation.

Subtitle translation

Subtitle translations require profound linguistic and cultural knowledge with our expert subtitlers being familiar with a wide range of subtitle translation and subtitling tools as a result of extensive training and experience in the field.


We offer the possibility of applying subtitles to all types of existing videos. Promotional videos, films or collections of training lessons: our team is able to create monolingual and multilingual subtitles that will increase accessibility to your content.

Subtitling for hearing and deaf people

Extending the accessibility of your content means taking into consideration all categories of potential users. Following 10 years of training in the film industry and experience in the world of closed captioning for hearing and deaf people, we at ProMosaik Translation guarantee the creation of quality subtitles that meet the accessibility needs of all audiences.