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ProMosaik Korea is the page of ProMosaik GROUP dedicated to both North and South Korea.

The translation departments of ProMosaik GROUP, ProMosaik Translation, The Quality Translator, MBC, Menuuno and ProMosaik Workshop MT, translate for you into Korean and from Korean from all current European and international languages.

Our main areas of expertise are technology, law, marketing, culture, patents, literature, social sciences and medicine.

ProMosaik Interlanguage offers online language courses to promote the intercultural dialogue between Korea and the rest of the world.

Korean is the official language of both South Korea (Republic of Korea) and North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea). The two Koreas differ in minor matters of spelling, alphabetization, and vocabulary choice (including the names of the letters), but both essentially endorse the unified standards proposed by the Korean Language Society in 1933.

Since the Korean War, through 70 years of separation, North–South differences have developed in standard Korean, including variations in pronunciation and vocabulary chosen, but these minor differences can be found in any of the Korean dialects, which are still largely mutually intelligible.

ProMosaik Children promotes the translation of fairy tales and fables into European languages to promote the intercultural dialogue and stands for linguistic and cultural diversity.

ProMosaik LAPH offers the free publication of books on Korea and works and research papers written by Korean-speaking authors and researchers. ProMosaik Poetry overcomes linguistic barriers by translating poetry.

ProMosaik also offers 8-week internships in the field of translation for human rights and alternative journalism.

When it comes to Korea, ProMosaik focuses on two main matters: the promotion of cultural exchange and dialogue and the publication of literature and poetry.

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