Many of us are able to communicate acceptably in two to three languages. We speak a foreign language well enough to shop abroad, ask for directions or talk to the table neighbours at the restaurant. But when we have to talk about work in a foreign language, we suddenly realize that every word has weight. Then for the majority of us, the situation start to be difficult to be managed.  This case, there is the urgent need for a language bridge. And at this point interpreters come into play. In international organizations, they are part of everyday life. However, interpreters are increasingly being used in smaller companies as well to bridge language barriers.

Are you looking for an interpreter?

Do you need a professional interpreter for your conference, company visit, conference or negotiation? We provide the best experts for your event. Our interpreters have excellent language skills and are very well prepared in their respective fields. They have a specialized vocational training for the most diverse types of interpreting and an officially recognized diploma. They have many years of experience, are friendly, reliable and flexible and offer you a dynamic and professional support at your event.

The main categories of interpreting ProMosaik Translation offers are:

  • Simultaneous Interpreting (Conference Interpreting)
  • Consecutive Interpreting (Liaison Interpreting)

Simultaneous interpreting is the direct mode of interpreting in which the language used in a conversation is promptly translated into the target language, whereas consecutive interpreting is indirect. The interpreter records the contents of the conversation to formulate them in the target language later on.

We can advise you in detail about the interpreters’ activities. And these interpreters will then actively support you in the organization and execution of your event.

Of course, we can also do the translations you need for your event. Would like you to translate the material to be handed over to your guests? Do you need your presentations to be translated? In this case, we are also glad to support you with translations. This will ensure the consistent design of the used language, an aspect that will certainly impress your business partners.

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