The team of ProMosaik Translation addresses all authors, who have written books, articles or others or who are about to finalise their work and are now looking for possibilities to have their work published.

In this respect it is not important, how large the produced work is, as also short texts, articles and comments are welcomed. Authors can also prepare and publish interesting subjects on the website in form of news or present a book review relevant to the subjects ProMosaik Translation focusses on.

For us it is also not important, whether you are a professional writer or write as a hobby. What counts is that you are enthusiastic about writing and occupy yourself mainly with cultural, linguistic, religious subjects, peace education and dialogue.

Our intention is to build bridges between various authors and opinions to promote a dialogue between cultures, languages, peoples, and religions. This is the main objective pursued by our publishing department at ProMosaik Translation.

If you intend to publish your work, we can offer you the opportunity to introduce your work under your own name and also enable sponsors, who may like your contributions, to support you to present your work to a much larger public.

We will also be pleased to support you to have your work translated into another language, by offering international readers the chance to get acquainted with your thoughts and philosophy of life.

Our offer is directed to:

Professional Writers
Hobby Writers
Human Rights’ Activists
Women’s Rights Activists

and to intellectuals focussing on the following subjects:

Peace Education
Intercultural Dialogue
Current Events
Women’s Rights
Children all over the World
Social Sciences
Development Aid
Racism and Xenophobia

We offer authors the following services:

  • Publication of news, reviews, books, comments, articles, short texts and contributions;
  • Publications under the author’s own name with a short profile of the relevant author;
  • The opportunity to attract sponsors for the author’s own work;
  • Translations of works into other languages within the scope of company sponsors and lovers of cultural matters;

The extension and differentiation of the group of readers of the author’s work by publishing it on the internet.